Gutter Filter

Lifetime Warranty

DunRite Exteriors Gutter Filter Lifetime Warranty

Gutter Filter Lifetime Warranty

DunRite Exteriors Gutter Filter Limited Warranty

Effective February 1, 2019


DunRite Exteriors warrants that the Gutter Filter Gutter Protection System will keep your gutters free-flowing and will not allow the interior of your gutter to clog with leaves or debris to the point of creating an overflow of water. If Gutter Filter allows the interior of your gutter to clog with debris causing your gutter to fill with water and overflow, DunRite Exteriors will refund you 100% of DunRite Exteriors material purchase price for all Gutter Filter material installed on your home. DunRite Exteriors will pay, in addition to the above, up to $3000.00 toward your Homeowners Insurance deductible upon receipt of proof of deductible amount and payment by buyer.

Terms and Conditions applicable to this Limited Warranty:

This Limited Warranty is specifically limited to obligations and terms stated within this document. No other warranties of product performance or liability for incidental damage, assumed or implied, and not specifically stated within this document, are binding upon DunRite Exteriors.

This warranty is void if the Gutter Filter product is damaged by structural changes to your home or building, by falling tree branches or debris, or by tornado, hurricane, or earthquake or other acts of nature. This Limited Warranty is void if the product installation is modified or any willful action was taken to intentionally impede water flow into the gutter.

DunRite exteriors is not responsible for damage done by Ice dam or icicle formation at your eaves as this is caused by a condition not related to gutters, downspouts, or gutter covers. This Limited Warranty covers only the Gutter Filter product itself. Damage done to gutters, downspouts, fascia boards, roof substrate or any other items are not covered by this Limited Warranty.

Buyer is responsible for notifying DunRite Exteriors within 30 calendar days following the discovery of a suspected Warranty issue. DunRite Exteriors reserves the right to inspect warranty claims for validation. This Limited Warranty is not valid until contract payment has been made in full by the consumer to DunRite Exteriors.

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